So if we are gonna do this we gotta do this right. This is what you guys are gonna wanna know, what you have to do before we start, and what you guys should think about.

So the world we are in is The Barren, a desert world that is anything but deserted. For it being a harsh, hot, difficult place to live, its full of life. In the bigger cities in the region think Egypt and Rome. They will generally be in a Oasis or surrounded by wealth and water. The desert is a harsh place to live which builds strong people, people are built to survive many dark skinned and stern people but never afraid of what is to come.

In The Barren it isn’t gold that runs the world its water. Big cities aren’t run by kings or Powerful knights or Wizards they are run by WaterBaron these are the few who control the water. They are good people to be friends with and horrible people to be enemy’s with, think twice before double crossing a WaterBaron

Before we start the campaign you’ll need to do a couple things. Think about what class race and person you are gonna be. For this campaign I will let you guys be home-brew if you want but ill have to approve it first. When making a character make sure to keep in mind the area your character grew up in, this world is nothing like your standard run of the mill fantasy setting so make sure your character reflects that. Remember its hard to plan out how a character is gonna act until you start being them in the game, but do try to think about what your character would do in these situations.

You are walking down the street and you see someone take a persons coin purse, what if the person who stole it was a kid? What if it was you who got pick pocketed?

While walking in the desert you see a old man hes dying clearly in need of water, he asks for help and says he will surely die without you. What if it was a person your character would be attracted to? (not to say this old man isn’t attractive maybe your character is into that)

While staying at a inn two drunks get into a fight and causing a scene, how do you react? What if is a man and a women fighting?

After finding some gold before splitting it up you see a party member slip some into their pockets trying to get a bigger cut.

Those are some things to think about for getting into the mind of the character, I hope it helps.

So some things i want you to think about before starting is what do you want out of this adventure? Should we hunt for treasure? Look for forgotten temples? Over Throw tyrannical Waterbarons?

I really look forward into making and playing this campaign with you guys and id like feed back on what you want. I hope we can have some fun and survive The Barren.

The Barren

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